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Atualização da Endless Cellar

Chegou nova atualização na instância Endless Cellar, confira!

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Evento Bossnia

A Bossnia recebeu o andar 2, aproveite para obter itens fantásticos!

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Registration Terms

Please read our community's rules of conduct and use, and only register your account if you agree with them.

1. Initial provisions.

- Never expose personal data in this community, whether yours or someone else's, whether they are: Name, age, address or any other information that is of a private nature.

- As a guarantee, we advise you to make use of 'nicknames', a nickname, whether it be a fictional character from a game, a movie, drawings, animes or anyone else who wants to, as long as it does not go against the rules of conduct, present below .

- Never enter your game account data in any community dependency, be it: Login, password, email, account ID or any other restricted viewing data.

- Our community caches your browser to improve the suite's performance, also for possible security checks.

2. The Rules of Conduct.

2.1.1 - It is strictly forbidden to post, publicize, mention other private ragnarok servers in any forum dependency.

2.1.2 - It is strictly forbidden to post content that has or mentions: pornography, xenophobia, racism, prejudice of any kind, homophobia or any type of discrimination.

2.1.3 - Posting any content present in the previous item will cause your forum account to be banned, and if you insist, the game account as well.

2.1.4 - Discussion in the forums is free, but hate speech, anger or potentially problematic content is prohibited, keep in mind that this can and will fall on your game account due to the bad nature of your actions on the forum.

2.1.5 - Posting links to other servers will make you alert 1 point per link, if you insist, the account will be suspended from the community, and if it still persists, the game account.

2.1.6 - Topics posted in an incorrect area will be closed without response, then deleted or moved to the correct area, but will remain closed.

2.1.7 - Posting content that the project team evaluates as problematic, or that could cause problems, is dangerous, as a link that redirects to a website with a virus, is unacceptable, the player will be punished in the forum and in the game.

2.1.8 - Possible intrusions on bug reporting topics will be treated as spamming, and those who do will be subject to suspension from the forum for a period between 24 hours and 7 days.

2.1.9 - Posting content that deviates from the original content of the topic, with parallel, random conversations or various subjects that do not match the actual content and initial topic present in the 'Online Support' area may result in punishment / imprisonment for using the forum for a period between 24 hours to 7 days.

2.1.10 - Any and all meddling in the topic of complaint or in the court area, by players and people not involved or cited in the case will be treated as high-level spamming and an attempt to disrupt, creating unnecessary content that will / may disrupt the case, it will be punished with alert of 1 to 5 points EACH post, leaving the discretion of the game master of complaints the amount of points attributed to the case.

3. Subscriptions.

3.1.1 - Everyone is free to use signatures, as long as these do not go against rule 2.1.2, nor have in their content anything that the staff considers as harmful, dangerous or that could cause problems for other users.

3.1.2 - The maximum size allowed for subscriptions is 450x250px, if the member places a larger image in some way, it will be removed, if he does it again, his account will be suspended, the suspension time will be decided by the game master or administrator responsible.

3.1.3 - The maximum number of images in the subscription is 2, if the member breaks this rule, he will be banned from the community.

4. Use of Dual Accounts.

4.1.1 - Using more than one account on the forum is prohibited, there is no need for any member to use them.

4.1.2 - No member of the community can / should create and make use of another account in it.

4.2.1 - Using more than one account to benefit in any way, whether self-reputed, voting in polls, accepting or rejecting items and / or suggestions from the same or from others is strictly prohibited, and the member may be banned from the community and in case of recurrence, the game too.

4.3.1 - Our community now starts to do access control by mac, this will help punish offenders within the game.

4.4.1 - You MUST read the previous rule and accept it, if you register with the community accepting the rules even without having read them, it is not our responsibility.

4.4.2 - Any and all data / information collected through the new community security system serves only to maintain the integrity of the members who use it, used it or will use it, in addition, of course, of the project staff team.


The lack of knowledge of the rules does not make you unfit to punishments, everyone when registering and completing the registration, are in accordance with the rules, so there is a check box to ensure that everyone is in agreement.


These rules can and will still undergo any updates.

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